During summer times eye itchiness is the most common thing to happen. The reason behind it is that the hot summer winds start burning the cornea. The eye is one of the most sensitive parts of our body and hence is always exposed to the outer system in other words eyes are the body parts that are simultaneously active throughout the day and are mostly exposed to the environment. 

Eye itchiness can be annoying and painful as it can stop the workflow and can also create a blurry vision. It’s our common habit to rub our eyes continuously when it feels itchy but, the rubbing is not that beneficial as itchiness can be stoped but these may cause further problems.

Here are the solutions on how to stop eye itchiness during the summer:

1. Wash your face and hands regularly with cold or lukewarm water.

washing hands and face

Washing hands and face is very important as it may provide calmness. Washing face also helps to remove all the dirt from respective eyes. Washing hands is also helpful in this case because research says that some of our nerves are also connected to our eye muscles which help them to relax.

For more relaxing of eye muscles take and hold water in the mouth and then apply splashes of water as the eye muscles are stretched. 

2. Remain in a cold environment

remain in cold environments

Remaining in cold environment is also important. We know that a cold environment is not much available these days outside but the best option is to stay indoors like office or at home.

3. Use eyedrops

use eye drops

Eye drops are crucial as they also play an important role in eye cleaning and also contribute to eye health. Eye drops are one of the best ways to stop eye itchiness. They provide the required stability to the eyes. Moreover, it gives calmness and in some cases helps you sleep.

4. Avoid going out in the hot sunny days

Avoid going out in the sun

This is the most recommended thing if you are suffering eye itchiness. As the sun is target responsible for eye itchiness. The harmful UV rays can affect adversely. 

If because of some reason you need to go outdoors then try to wear sunglasses and/or hats.

5. Drink more and more water

drink more water

Drinking water is not only good for your eyes but also is good for your health. Drinking water gives the cold effect needed for calming and relaxing eyes from the pain.

6. Switch phones, laptops, computers, screen on night mode 

switch phones, laptops, computers screen on night mode

The blue light from any device can harm your eyes so turning on night mode would be a wise decision. While the sun is up (around 11:00 to 4:00 pm)try avoiding any devices as the sun is very sharp during these times. 

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